Daughters of the King - Gifts of the Spirit Chapter, Augsburg

Maybe you have already seen one of us wearing her cross with the special design and inscription? Or you are just curious what "Daughters of the King" means after all? Here are some explanations that might be helpful for you:
We are a group of women of different ages and walks of life who meet regularly (normally once a month) for a time of prayer, fellowship and also the discussion and planning of some other activities during the course of the year. We have made a double commitment to a Rule of Prayer and Service which offers a great flexibility to the individual for her everyday life. We treasure that we have a common foundation in our Lord Jesus Christ (like all Christians!). We want to take our Baptismal Vows seriously (The "Rule" is nothing much different!) and encourage each other on our way. So we are "travel companions" to each other and belong together in a special sense even if we are absolutely not all the same!  Our meetings are open to all interested women upon request. If you want to find out more, you can get directly in touch with one of us on occasion of a Sunday Service at St Boniface or send us a message via the contact address on this site. In addition, you can find many useful resources on the page of our Order: www.doknational.org and some "history" on the Convocation website: http://www.tec-europe.org/formation/spiritual-formation/daughters-of-the-king/