What's going on at the Church of St. Boniface?

Here you can find more detailed information about services and special events at the Church of St. Boniface.

Please note: Our Service starts at 3 PM already on Sunday March 31st, as well as on Sunday April 14th.
For additional information see below.

Upcoming services and events, last updated on March 25th, 2018.
HE = Holy Eucharist (Service of Word and Sacrament presided by a priest)
EP = Evening Prayer (Service of Word led by a deacon or a layperson
BC = Bishop's Committee (Vestry)

Service: Every Sunday at 4:30 PM

Exceptions and special dates:
March 31st, 3 PM HE, 6 PM Gospel Time (by Auferstehungskirche)
April 14th, 3 PM HE, followed by our AGM
Easter Egg hunt: with Auferstehung, the service starts at 10 AM.

In 2019 we will continue to have one "Children's Special" (not only for children!) per month, during the regular 4:30 PM Sunday Service.
Next date: April 21st, 2019 - Easter Sunday: They entered through the roof"
Auch 2019 wird es jeden Monat wieder die "Children's Specials" geben (nicht nur für Kinder), als Teil des regulären Sonntagsgottesdienstes 16:30.
Nächster Termin: Ostersonntag 21.4.2019 "Sie kamen durch das Dach"

Please take notice:
Some meetings of the Men's group and the Daughters' chapter (spiritual community for women) don't always feature here. Please inquire via the contact function of this page, we will put you in contact with the group leaders.
All services are normally with the offer of child care and followed by coffee/tea hour .
You are most welcome to any of our services or other events, whatever your religious background, country of origin or walk of life is.
Wöchentliche Eucharistiefeier, teilweise Abendgebet, jeweils vorwiegend in englischer Sprache. Prinzipiell können viele der im Gottesdienst verwendeten Texte auch in anderen gängigen Sprachen zugänglich gemacht werden.
Unsere Gottesdienste finden immer sonntags um 16.30h in der Auferstehungskirche Hochzoll statt. Sie sind herzlich eingeladen!
Chaque Dimanche Eucharistie ou vêpres en langue anglaise.
Les textes principaux en français seront à votre disposition sur demande.
Eucaristía o oración de la tarde cada domingo a las 4:30
en idioma inglés, textos disponibles también en castillano - bienvenidos.
Santa Eucharistia o preghiera dalla sera tutte le domeniche a 4:30 ore.